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The Jean Singer Award

The Jean Singer Award for Distinguished Service to Choral Music in West Virginia was established in 2000 during the presidency of Dr. David Castleberry. Jean Singer, longtime director of the Parkersburg High School A Capella Choir, was selected as the first recipient and the award was named for her in recognition of her excellence to the choral art. Note: The Parkersburg High School A Cappella Choir under her direction is the only West Virginia choir selected to perform at a national ACDA Conference – Nashville, TN, in 1983. Though the inception of the award began as an annual honor, it was voted on by the executive board in 2007 that the honor can be awarded in the second year of the President’s two-year term.


2001 – Jean Singer, Director of the Parkersburg High School A Cappella Choir

2002 – Alfred R. de Jaager, Professor and Director of Choral Activities at West Liberty University

2003 – Dr. Truman Dalton, Professor of Music, West Virginia State University and Director of the Charleston Civic Chorus

2004 – Dr. H.G. Young III, Professor of Music, West Virginia University at Parkersburg

2005 – Dr. Larry Parsons, Professor and Director of Choral Activities, West Virginia Wesleyan College and founder of the West Virginia Symphony Chorus

2009 - Donna Kinsey, Pastoral musician at St. Francis De Sales Parish and Director of choirs in the Monongalia County schools

2011 - Clara Glover, Choral Director at Tyler Consolidated High School

2015 - Bruce Ensinger, Choral Director at The New Martinsville School

2015 - T. Edwin Harkless, Choral Director at Cabell Midland High School

2023 - Joyce Good-Pitchford, Choral Director at Ravenswood High School

2023 - Barbara Wygal Lutz, Choral Director at Greenbrier East High School

2023 - Pamela McClain Choral Director at Parkersburg High School

The History of ACDA in West Virginia

West Virginia American Choral Directors Association Presidents


1970-73 Frances Moody, Fairmont

1973-75 Alfred R. de Jaager, West Liberty

1975-77 Alfred R. de Jaager, West Liberty

1977-79 Elizabeth Francis, New Martinsville

1979-81 David Johnson, South Charleston

1981-83 Alfred R. de Jaager, West Liberty

1983-85 Delores Ambrister, Wheeling

1985-87 Alfred R. deJaager, West Liberty

1987-89 Bruce Ensinger, New Martinsville

1989-91 Alfred R. de Jaager, West Liberty

1991-93 Judy Likins, Romney

1993-95 Dr. H.G. Young, Parkersburg

1995-97 Dr. Penny Saeler, Morgantown

1997-99 Dr. Jeffrey Poland, Fairmont

1999-01 Patty Moffett, St. Marys

2001-03 Dr. David Castleberry, Huntington

2003-05 Rebecca Thompson, Charleston

2005-07 Dr. Joseph Janish, Charleston

2007-09 Dr. Jeffrey Poland, Fairmont

2009-11 T. Edwin Harkless, Ona

2011-13 Robert Wray, Huntington

2013-15 Dr. Sam Spears, Fairmont

2015-17 Dr. Dirk Johnson, Charleston

2017-19 Dr. Kym Scott, Morgantown

2019-21 Dr. Lauren Tosh, Morgantown

2021-22 Dr. Dirk Johnson, Charleston

2022-23 Dr. Lauren Tosh, Morgantown

2023-24 Jennifer Ratliff, Parkersburg


National ACDA Leadership from West Virginia

1959 – 1977: R. Wayne Hugoboom (Marshall College faculty 1950-58), Editor of Choral Journal and first ACDA Executive Secretary

2007 – 09: Dr. David Castleberry (Marshall University), ACDA Southern Division President

2008 – 2020: Dr. Tim Sharp (Fairmont Senior High School graduate), ACDA Executive Director




National ACDA Choral Performance by audition

1983 Parkersburg High School A Cappella Choir, Jean Singer, conductor, Nashville, Tennessee

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